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{slider=Title for Activation}

The activation mail always will be sent personalized. Here you set, how to approach the subscriber, e.g. Hello or Hello Mr./Mrs. Last one only make sense, if last name, first name or both are obligatory.

{slider=Text for Activation}

This is the text that appears after the salutation.

After this text the link to activation appears. It is useful to tell the subscriber, that he has to activate his subscription by clicking the link below. You may amplify this text by your wishes.

If there is nothing entered here, the link for activation will be shown directly after the salutation. Does the subscriber knows, what he has to do? No? Therefore: Enter Text for Activation!

{slider=Text Agreement}

In some countries it is necessary by law to tell the subscriber some more informations, that haven't to appear in each mail. Here you may enter these informations. Or further informations by your own.

This text appears after the link for activation.

{slider=Activation also to webmaster}

If you want to be kept current, how the subscriptions grow up, when and who someone subscribed a mailing list, then you should switch on Activation also to webmaster. This notification contains all details of registration, beneath first name and last name the date, time and IP of registration and confirmation. These data may be helpful in case of dispute.

{slider=Sender name}

Here you enter the sender name, that will be used in the notification mail.

{slider=Mail address of webmaster}

Here you enter the mail address, to which the notification mail will be sent. That may be the webmaster or another person, that shall be informed, that a new subscriber has activated his subscription.



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