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Basic Settings

{slider=Sender's name, Sender's email, Reply-to-email}

With the values entered here the fields Sender's name, Sender's email or Reply to email of each newsletter will be preallocated. They may be overwritten in each newsletter individually. They are predefined with the values of your Joomla!® configuration.

If the fields Sender's name, Sender's email or Reply to email remain empty they will be filled automatically with the data of your Joomla!® configuration. But I suggest to enter these data to become independent form changes in Joomla!® core.

{slider=Legal Infos}

Here you can set the Infos that are required by law.

This text appears directly above the links to edit or cancel the subscription.

{slider=Excluded article categories}

Here You can define, that selected categories of articles are not available for selection for the newsletters. If nothing is selected, all articles of all categories may be used for newsletters.

{slider=Number of newsletters per step, Time Delay While Sending, Unit of Time Delay}

Next you can enter how many newsletters will be sent at once. Some providers don't like it, if you want to send too many mails at once. Thus BwPostman never sends all newsletters concurrently except the entered value is higher than the number of recipients for this newsletter. The default value is 100.

Below you set the time, that shall BwPostman wait, until the next block will be sent. BwPostman only accepts positive integers. All other values will be interpreted as 0.

You can select whether the entered value means minutes or seconds.

{slider=Publish newsletters at sending?}

Until now all newsletters are unpublished after sending. Per default this is still the same. Since version 2.1.0 of BwPostman here You can set, that a newsletter is published and visible at front end, once it is sent.

{slider=Compress backup file}

The file created at backup tables as a XML file, which may reach remarkable size easily. This may cause problems at restoring, because providers only allow upload of files until a specified limit. Because of this, since version 2.1.0 of BwPostman there is this option, which is set to on by default after installation.

{slider=Show Boldt Webservice Link}

May I do some commercial for me? If not, then select no.


Newsletter Subscription

Hint: Your entered data are only used to register to and sending of the newsletter. Your data will be processed and stored by me. For more information have a look at my privacy policy.

Infos about Joomla! extensions of Boldt Webservice, especially BwPostman. The newsletter will only be sent if there are any news.

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