Plugins - User2Subscriber



Since version 2.0.0 there is another plugin for BwPostman to automatically subscribe to selectable mailing lists while a user registers at the website. The plugin is deactivated per default.

Plugin activated

If the plugin is activated and at least one mailing list is selected, then a notice (see below) and a select box for the newsletter is displayed at the registering form of Joomla!®. The select box is set to no by default to be in conformity with the law.

If no mailing list is selected, the plugin also shows nothing.

If the user clicks to yes, there will be displayed more input fields potentially. This depends on the settings of the component. There could appear all input fields, that are selected at the settings on BwPostman at registration. It will concern the fields for gender, first name, last name, additional field and mail format. Also the settings for obligation are taken from these settings.

Subscribers created this way first are unconfirmed. Only after confirmation of the account of the website they will be confirmed also for the mailing lists. With this Double-Opt-In is complied. Especially if You point out, that the user is automatically added to the newsletter. For this notification the input field message at the options is conceived.