Plugins - Enhanced personalization

Enhanced personalization

Since version 2.0.0 there is beneath the former simple personalization a plugin for enhanced personalization for BwPostman. This plugin I s activated per default and needs no options.

While the simple personalization only enables the use of first and/or last name, You can use gender related personalization with the enhanced personalization plugin. There is not only a male text and a female text possible, You can also us a neutral text, if You want to address companies or subscribers without entered gender:

[bwpostman_personalize | "male text" | "female text" | "neutral text" ]

[bwpostman_personalize | "Dear Mr" | "Dear Mrs" | "Hello" ] [LASTNAME]


  • Between the opening square bracket and the following bwpostman_personalize there must not be any character, also no space!
  • The double quote must be entered. With this character the text to be inserted is determined. This allows to enter spaces before and after the text to insert. That implies further, that this character is not allowed in the text to insert.
  • Is no text entered, then there will not raise an error, but also nothing is inserted.