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Free Templates

Free Templates for newsletter are exactly that what the name says: Free! Free in positioning of the elements, free in the look of the elements. However this freedom has its price: There are no predefined sections, that you may adjust fast and easy only by clicking with the mouse. Here all is “hand made”. There are provided samples for each HTML and text templates. The title begins with Sample / Beispiel.

Because there are no predefined sections, there only are three (HTML Templates) or two (text templates) Tabs.

Here, too, counts: In the left you make your settings, in the right you see a preview of the template, that will be refreshed and updated by clicking to Refresh preview or saving the template.

{slider=Tab Generals}

Here you enter a name and a description for the template and you can select a little image, a so called thumbnail. This image will be shown in the list of the templates and in tool-tip at the selection list while creating a newsletter.

This preview image is not identically to the preview at editing a template! The preview while editing is dynamically and can be refreshed again and again, while the thumbnail is a static image, in example created with a screenshot.

Then you set, if the author and/or the creation date of the article shall be shown and if there shall be a button Readon.

{slider=Tab Template CSS}

This tab naturally does only exists at HTML templates. This is the section where you enter the CSS styles. CSS knowledge is needed and only pure CSS code is allowed!

{slider=Tab Template HTML/Template Text}

Here you may compose your HTML framework for the newsletter. Under the editor you find several buttons for personalisation, content, unsubscribe and edit link and the imprint.

Simply set cursor at the desired position in editor and click to the button.


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