Maintenance - Save tables


Save tables

Backup of tables is suggested from time to time, especially before a check/repair of the tables, nobody knows…

With one click at the button Save tables structures and data of the tables are assembled in XML formatted file and a browser window is shown, which asks what to do with this file. It is useful to save the file (locally). Remember well where the file is to find, perhaps it will be needed some time!

Since version 1.3.0 of BwPostman the access rights of the component, the tables and the individual items are saved. Because the access rights are closely related to the user groups, the user groups and their parent groups, for which are assigned access rights for BwPostman, are saved also.

Since version 2.1.0 of BwPostman this backup file also may be packed to reduce file size. The used pack format is ZIP.

The backup will be packed automatically, if the switch Compress backup file at Basic settings at the options of BwPostman is activated.

The backup file not only is offered for download, before version 3.0.0 it also is stored at folder


since version 3.0.0 at the folder


So You are able to delete the backup file using the Media Manager of Joomla!®.