BwPostman provides following modules:

  • BwPostman Module
  • BwPostman Overview Module

BwPostman Module

This module displays a registration form for the mailing lists of BwPostman. Basically this module doesn't anything else as the registration form of the component nut at a module position. With this module it is possible to display a registration form for newsletters at all desired pages.

The tabs Module, Menu Assignment, Advanced and Permissions are known from Joomla!®. But the registration module also offers further settings:

Mailing list selection

At mailing list selection all mailing lists are displayed, which are accessible at front end. If You don't select something, all here displayed mailing lists are accessible for selection at the module. Certainly the access level is considered. If a visitor is not logged in, only the publicly accessible mailng lists are offered.

With this option You have the possibility to offer registration forms for different mailing lists at various pages.

Also You can set, if the description of the mailing list is displayed at the module. If You want to conform to the GDPR, You should activate this setting. Below You can set the number of characters, after which the description is shortened. After this number of characters there are displayed three dots. But to fulfil the GDPR anyway, a tooltip with the complete description is displayed while hovering the shortened description with the mouse.

Settings for the registration form

These settings are identically to the Options of the component at Registration and are not described here.

The special feature here is, that You are able to select different settings for component and each module. With this You may only ask for the mail address for a general, public accessible newsletter as example. For a newsletter, which is only accessible for a specific user group, You can set first name, last name and gender obligatory to be able to personalize the newsletter widely.

BwPostman Overview Module

With this module You are able to display a list of calendar month, which contains published newsletters, at a module position. The number of sent and published newsletters of the month is displayed afterwards in parenthesis. You can set, to which recipients and campaigns the newsletters are sent. Also the selection of newsletters are widely configurable.

The tabs Menu assignment, Advanced and Permissions are known from Joomla!®.

The settings for Newsletter Selection, Mailing list selection and Campaign selection are the same as at menu entry Published newsletters (overview). If a menu entry is selected, the settings for recipient lists, campaigns and newsletter selection of the menu entry are used and the settings at the module are ignored.

The only difference, which is specific for this module, is # of months. Here You set the number of months, which are displayed at the module, if they correspond to the selection criteria.